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When the GrajapatI, keeping in mind his former enmity
marched on Sjaegondi after the death of Krsnaraya and
Ramappaya, some elders living in the city, wrote to him a
letter telling him that his arrival after the death of Krsnaraya
whom he could not defeat did not betoken his bravery. The
Gajapati thereupon regretted his action and returned to hk

Aceuuniofthe tfzrapzti Kings :   L £. 50, p. 316

143(a).   GANI  TIMMA
These verses describe the exploits of Grani Timma
Nayadu of the Velugoti family who appears to have been a
contemporary of Krsnadevaraya and Acyuta.
The first verse refers to Timma's capture of the fort of
Tondamarayagulla for which he was complimented by
Acyutadevaraya. He destroyed the Mussalman infantry
which sought to cross the frontier, and won a victory over
Yara Timma.
In the second verse it is said that at the instance of
Krsnadevaraya, he defeated a chief called Linga, who was a
son of Bhiksavrtti Mukti Santaya. He intlicted a defeat on
Honnappa ifayadu of Kandanavolu ; put to tiight Santa, son
of Vlraya, and won a victory over Jaya at Nannuru ; he slew
Timma of Cebrolu at Mattaceruvu, and routed Bhairava Khan
on the field of Rompicerla. Having defeated Khanakhana,
Hita Khan, and others in battle, he deprived them of the terri-
tories over which they ruled, Suraj the son of Suri Nayadu,
having heard of the death of the chiefs of the Zndhra country
at his hands in the plain of HaJlapura was afraid to face
Timma in battle.
The third verse refers, in addition to some of tfee exploits
mentioned above, to Timma's victory over YSdula Khan (the
'Idfl Khan).
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